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The Princess and the B

Apr 15, 2019

Discover how I use a calm, playful, intuitive guidance to get more done versus the more masculine “forcing” energy behind the "I have to" myth.

In this episode, you’ll learn, why following your intuition is better than forcing a plan (4:44), what the belief of “have to” is doing to your power (6:00), the paradox of flow and form and sticking to a schedule (7:00), how to shift your energy around time (9:30), dancing with the do-ing (12:09), how creating from the energy of “not enough” time will pull you farther away from your Future Self (15:00), why getting a sense of play in your productivity will shift you into expansive creativity (18:34), what a childhood game of red-light, green-light will do for your productivity (23:00), how to maximize time with a toddler (25:00), the one question I ask to get to my goals faster (28:00).

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