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The Princess and the B

May 6, 2019

The creative process is a lot like eating shit. How do I know? I've literally tried it. Not intentionally, of course, but when I did (accidentally), I realized that it is EXACTLY like building a business. You will eat shit  - maybe not literally. You will make mistakes. You will experience failures. And no matter how hard you try to brush away those failures, those mistakes, those shit-storm, shit-eating moments. The taste will linger until you sit your ass back at the table and bite into something that is actually delicious and satiating.

WARNING: This episode runs rampant with “shits.” Be brave and get your shit together before listening. ;)

In this episode, you’ll learn what NLP representational systems are (5:30) shit-eating experience that led to a massive breakthrough (8:00), what the Law of Contrast is (11:30), why the “sign to quit” is not what you think (13:30), how friction and resistance are when Queens are made (15:30), why you should expect the same results in your business as you get in your gym (17:30), how telling yourself a shitty-story will derail your profits and how to bounce back (20:00), why you need to stop trying (22:00) and so much more.

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