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The Princess and the B

Jun 3, 2019

Kimberly Spencer shares why you must be on a campaign to share your business' WHY like a politician, and an NLP communication tool to help you attract your tribe of ideal customers into your biz.

A personal message from Kim…

This weekend could NOT have been more exciting!! Spike Spencer, my ridiculously talented hubby launched his first book on Amazon, and it hit #1 bestseller in 2 categories! We promoted, we campaigned, we shook hands and kissed babies (well...virtually) and basically acted like politicians (without any sleeziness or backhanded deals, because that would be out of integrity) to get his book from #3 to #1.

AND WE DID! It was so exciting, inspiring, and fulfilling that I automatically made the connection between how a politicians campaigns for winning president and how you must run your business as a mission-driven, purpose-centered, heart-aligned entrepreneur. Enjoy!

In this episode, you’ll learn why you gotta go grassroots daily for your mission (3:00), how business has changed (4:00), what my mentor, Brendon Burchard, said about having dinner with President George W. Bush (5:00), he NLP communication strategy I taught to employees at Fox studios (7:00), how to gain agreement with your audience (8:00), why you must go both macro and micro in your communication (10:00), how to gather the exact marketing copy you need (12:00), what Marie Forleo did to grow her business (14:00), what my macro message is (15:30), my challenge to add a personal attention to your business (16:30), how to use your customer’s language to gain rapport (18:30)

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